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ASSIMILATE REGENERATE is Paul Wardingham's debut cyber metal album.

Inspired by science fiction, future technology and its effect on humanity.


*Your CD will be signed by Paul Wardingham.

“The best instrumental guitar album in years”
- Christian Muenzner (Necrophagist & Obscura)


  1. Assimilate Regenerate
  2. Futureshock
  3. Ghost In The Machine
  4. Brain Interactive Construct
  5. Fields of Utopia
  6. Enter The Metaverse
  7. Mindwarp
  8. Clones
  9. Cyber Warfare
  10. Orbital Decay
  11. Black Hole Device

All guitars and machines by Paul Wardingham.
Produced and mixed by Paul Wardingham.

“Phenomenal futuristic-themed, shredtastic debut. 5/5″ -

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